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Heritage Management Services

Statement of Heritage Impact

The purpose of a Statement of Heritage Impact, also known as a Heritage Impact Statement, is to provide a framework for understanding the heritage significance of an item and the effect that any proposed changes may have on it. This is achieved through preparing a detailed site history, assessing the significance of the item against key criteria, determining the effect that any proposed works may have on its significance and finally by providing management recommendations in order to mitigate against harm.  

At Austral, our consultants have a detailed understanding of assessment process and have considerable experience in interpreting the heritage significance criteria and how they may apply to a wide range of sites. Preparing a Statement of Heritage Impact is a vital part of the development process, and one which Austral excels in providing. 

preparing a statement of heritage impact
cultural heritage management plan

Conservation Management Plans

The purpose of a heritage management plan is to identify what gives a site its significance, and it outlines means to manage it through the short, medium and long term. The plan also aims to provide a framework for how a site may be adapted or changed and to provide triggers for when the involvement of heritage specialists may be required.

Austral has prepared management plans and policies for numerous properties across Australia and understand that while these are written by heritage professionals, it is often property managers and owners who need to implement them. At Austral, we seek to ensure that our management plans are detailed and yet written in simple, plain English, so as to be understood by the individuals who may need to consult with it.

Archival Recordings

If there are changes proposed to a heritage item, such as altering or removing parts of the fabric, an archival recording is prepared to serve as a record of how the building looked at a set moment in time. This is achieved through making a detailed photographic record of the item combined with annotated floor plans and often also utilising photogrammetric models.

Austral has experience preparing archival recordings for heritage items ranging in size from buildings and workshops up to bridges and quarries. Our innovative use of technology means that Austral can offer a time-effective yet high quality output which meets best practice procedures and all relevant state legislation within Australia and beyond.

heritage management: archival recording

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