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Alexander Beben

Alex is a Director of Austral and brings a wealth of experience to our projects. Alex has over 15 years of experience and has been the technical lead for over 500 heritage projects across Australia. Through his extensive and varied experience, Alex has developed a collaborative approach to projects which enables him to work closely with Austral’s clients to ensure that they understand their heritage requirements and formulate innovative solutions to their specific needs. He has completed numerous projects that require approvals under the NSW Heritage Act 1977, National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974, and State Significant approvals (SSIs and SSDs).

As a locally-based archaeologist in the Southern Highlands, Alex has considerable expertise working across the Illawarra and Sydney. Over the past 15 years, he has accumulated a wealth of experience working with local regulators, councils, and Aboriginal stakeholders. This experience encompasses some of the NSW’s most significant heritage projects and in sensitive Aboriginal landscapes. As a local archaeologist, Alex has worked predominantly in the South Coast region over the past 10 years and has accumulated an extensive amount of experience in the assessment of Aboriginal heritage values. This experience encompasses some of the regions most significant projects and sensitive Aboriginal sites. Projects completed locally include Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessments for residential developments at Sussex Inlet, Gerringong and Batemans Bay. Significant sites include management of projects relating to Aboriginal Places (Sandon Point), massacre sites (Bawley Point), rock art (Avon Catchment), burials (Culburra Beach), middens (Cuburra Beach and Wombarra) and high-density artefact scatters (Sussex Inlet). Through these and other projects, Alex has an excellent reputation with local Aboriginal stakeholders.

Alex is equally familiar with handling historical heritage projects and can demonstrate his experience in the management, investigation and report preparation for projects including the duplicate crossing at Grafton, the Foxground to Berry Bypass Archaeological Investigations, The Oxford on Crown project in Wollongong, 31 Crown Street and 16 Burelli Street Wollongong, Moorebank Precinct West, Civic Place Wollongong and 404 – 408 Church Street Parramatta.

In summary, Alex has a demonstrated track record for working with planners, engineers, and developers to formulate innovative approaches to their various projects. 

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