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Amanda Hansford

Amanda Hansford

Amanda Hansford (nee Atkinson) is a Director at Austral and has 16 years of experience in the completion of Aboriginal heritage projects. Since commencing her career, Amanda has worked on many major infrastructure projects in NSW, Victoria, and WA, and over this time she has developed a thorough understanding of the requirements of managing Aboriginal heritage on a wide range of project types.

Amanda has completed hundreds of Aboriginal cultural heritage projects in NSW and Victoria. She completes jobs in accordance with all relevant State and Federal legislation and guidelines, such as the various code of practice and for and can successfully obtain Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permits when required. Amanda is also a recognised Heritage Advisor in Victoria and has worked in this capacity on numerous approved Cultural Heritage Management Plans from across the State.

Amanda specialises in assisting with heritage requirements associated with water infrastructure projects. She has undertaken the archaeology for the majority of these major project types in NSW in recent years, especially within the Murray Darling Basin. Amanda also has a great understanding of Aboriginal heritage in semi-arid and arid zones, having completed numerous research projects as well as consulting projects in these regions.

As a result of having worked in the field of Aboriginal heritage for many years, Amanda has significant experience in consultation with Aboriginal people and has worked with hundreds of Aboriginal groups around Australia. She has acted as an advisor to the state government on Aboriginal heritage consultation and has also acted as an expert witness in the Land and Environment Court.

Amanda has presented at Australian and international conferences, including the World Archaeology Congress conference. Amanda is the author of academic papers published both in Australia and internationally.

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