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David Marcus, Director at Austral Archaeology

David Marcus

David is a Director of Austral and brings a wealth of experience to our projects. David has over 20 years of experience, first starting work as a field archaeologist for various commercial companies based in England, Scotland and Ireland before arriving in Australia in 2008. Since starting work for Austral in 2010, David gained first-hand experience in handling both the archaeological and management requirements of complex, multi-disciplinary projects working across New South Wales and Tasmania. After becoming a Director in 2019, David has continued to help shape the future of Austral and has seen the company grow from 5 employees to more than 20. 

David is competent leading all manner of archaeological projects and his expertise ensures that he has a firm understanding of managing clients’ needs to ensure that they understand their heritage requirements and are provided with outcomes that manage their specific requirements. He has completed numerous projects that require approvals under the NSW Heritage Act 1977, National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974, and on State Significant approvals (SSIs and SSDs). He has extensive experience in the assessment of Aboriginal cultural heritage and historical heritage values across sites in New South Wales and Tasmania which include convict heritage values (Macquarie-era barrel drain at Windsor), early 19th century (bond houses at Campbell’s Prominade), cemeteries (Pioneer Park, Liverpool), rail infrastructure (Macquarie’s Point, Hobart) and educational institutions (Domain House, Hobart). Most recently, he led the excavation of various 19th century buildings, including the potential location of one of the earliest built in Cooks Hill, Newcastle. David has numerous approvals to operate as a Primary Excavation Director on sites of both local and State significance in NSW. 

When not in the field, David’s eye for detail means that he is able to provide detailed technical advice for clients and is responsible for providing oversight of the technical and quality assurance review process for Austral. He is also experienced at using GIS mapping and incorporating spatial outputs into Austral products.

David is now based in northern Tasmania within easy reach of Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney, and regularly undertakes new projects throughout Australia.

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